23 Gifts That Might Sell Out Before Father's Day

New savings discounts are now available for Father's Day Shoppers that can save you money and help you find the perfect gift for Dad! They are incredible gifts that most people have never heard of with awesome discounts that make them affordable to anyone! Most of these products are only available online, so many Father's Day Shoppers miss out!

Officer Gadget has put together a list of our Best Gifts for Dad. We have been able to secure FREE shipping and 50%+ discounts on most of these offers, for a limited time. These special offers are only available online, and you won't find most of these products in stores either.

There are no limits to the number of discount that you can claim (many of our readers do all of their Father's Day Shopping here). Keep in mind that many of these offers expire very soon, so it's important that you act quickly. Happy Shopping!

1. PhotoStick Omni - Find & Protect ALL Your Memories In One Click

When was the last time you backed up your photos?

Problem: Computers fail. They get viruses, and can wipe out all your memories in an instant. Don't let years of precious memories be deleted without warning!

Solution: ThePhotoStick Omni

ThePhotostick OMNI backs up all the photos and videos stored on your smartphone, tablet or computer with one touch of a button. Very easy! (no software to install)

The Photostick OMNI is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their memories safe without having to pay the expensive monthly cloud backup fees.

Father's Day Sale: Visit ThePhotoStick Omni homepage and get up to 37% off

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2. Alpha Heater - Heat Up a Chilly Room in Minutes!

With Americans spending more time at home than ever before, it's important to have a quick and inexpensive heating solution.

The Alpha Heater is THE innovative new gadget for 2022. It uses less power than traditional heaters, making it more energy-efficient and saving you money on the heating bill.

It's extremely safe, shutting off automatically when it gets too hot or is knocked over. It can be used all day and night without worry around kids, pets and furniture. It's also easy to transport, if you are changing rooms or locations.

The Alpha Heater is currently on sale at 50% Off Here

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3. Miracle Sheets - The Cleanest Sheets...EVER!

Bed sheets haven't been innovative in years. They're a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. Miracle Sheets has created the most hygienic luxury sheets ever made. These amazing sheets utilize natural bacteria fighting silver for healthier skin and cleanliness.

Miracle Sheets also feature modern regulating fabrics so you can stay comfortable all night long. No more excessive laundry loads, bad odors and unhealthy skin!

If you want a great night's sleep and awesome mornings, make the switch to Miracle.

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4. BLX Buds - Wireless, Premium Sound Quality Earbuds At An Incredible Price

Problem: Premium earbuds cost way too much

Solution: BLX Buds Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

These premium earbuds are perfect for listening to music and taking calls, all while delivering one of the top sound qualities on the market, comparable to the premium brands that are available.

Ergonomic design allows for great wearability and comfort. Once you place them in your ears, they stay there too, even when running or exercising.

They have a 3 hour battery life (100 hours on standby) and kits include a charging case that can charge your buds in just a few minutes.

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5. Barx Buddy - This Simple Device Stops Annoying Dog Barking in Seconds

Sometimes you just need your dog to stop...

Problem: Frequent barking, chewing, scratching, digging and other destructive and annoying behaviors

Solution: Barx Buddy

Capture your dog's attention instantly with the Barx Buddy remote.

Whether your dog won’t listen to your commands, or an off-leash dog is charging up to you at the park, a single press of your BarxBuddy device will modify their behavior straight away. It’s a painless and punishment-free way to curb any dog’s worst habits.

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6. Neck Relax - A Better, Faster Way To Relieve Neck, Back and Shoulder Tension

Neck Relax helps to quickly release tension throughout your neck, back and shoulders.

It is an advanced gadget that uses cutting edge massage technology to stimulate your muscles and release tension and pain held deep within your body, in only a few minutes!

Neck Relax:

  • Improves blood circulation using infrared heat
  • Uses high frequency vibration to stimulate tissue
  • Allows you to target specific muscles to maximize relief

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7. Poliglu Instant Translator - Speak 36 Languages At The Touch Of A Button

The Poliglu Instant Translator is an amazing new device that translates 40 different languages in real time! If you are traveling abroad, or have friends, family or colleagues coming into town from another country, check this out.

Scientists created this revolutionary new device that lets you have a real, two way conversation with almost anyone else on the planet, regardless of what language they speak! 

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8. Kore Scale - Revolutionary New Scale Lets You Look Inside Your Body

Problem: You never know what’s going on inside your body. You can only see what happens on the outside. You gain weight, you lose weight: these are the effects, but you never really knew the cause until now.

Solution: KoreScale

KoreScale is more like an ultimate smart scale, with patented Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. When you step on the scale, 4 precision sensors scan and analyse your entire body, and break it down into 11 key health metrics. In addition to your weight, you can see your BMI, body fat, muscle mass, water weight, and more. With these insights, KoreScale takes the guesswork out of fitness. You can see exactly how your body responds to diet and exercise in real time.

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9. Power Pod - The Amazing Keychain Phone Charger

Power Pod is little but mighty, thanks to its unique built-in micro high-velocity charger, which provides instant power that lasts for hours. Easily attach one to your key ring or briefcase.

Even the elderly, who are prone to forgetting, may simply charge their phones using PowerPod, ensuring that their phones are fully charged in case of an emergency.

Power Pod is compatible with most Apple and Android mobile devices. With Power Pod - no more cumbersome wires while charging, no more lugging about a bulky power pack, and no more worrying about your phone running out of juice!

10. XY Find It - The Simplest Way To Find Lost Or Misplaced Items

Lost it? Find It! Locate anything in seconds using your iPhone or Android

Place an XY Find It on your keys, in your wallet or purse, in your car, on your pet... anything you don’t want to lose. Then use the included app, and have a 20,000x more chance of finding your item when it’s lost.

XY Find it offers:

  • Unlimited use without hidden costs or fees ever
  • Works everywhere and on everything
  • Easy to hide with fun colors and the size of a coin

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11. BarxBuddy Busy Ball - The "Smart Ball" That Keeps Your Dog Happy (Even When You Are Not Around)

This hi-tech automated toy plays with your pet just like if you were there!

The BarxBuddy Busy Ball is 100% non-toxic made of tear-resistant materials meant to withstand lots of chewing, while keeping your dog entertained, engaged, and happy—all on its own! You don’t even need to “start it up.” The built-in motion sensors hidden inside activate anytime your dog touches it, instantly starting a game of automated fetch. Your pet can chew on it all day long with ZERO harmful side effects!

It’s a smart gadget that taps into your pet’s natural hunting instinct. Keeping them active, healthy, and NEVER bored.

Inactivity and boredom are the main causes of depression and anxiety in pets! Not to mention destructive behavior. Barx Buddy Busy Ball alleviates ALL these symptoms. It gives your pet an easy way to stay active and healthy. With Barx Ball you’re not getting just another toy. You get the peace-of-mind that your best friend is happy, engaged, and fulfilled in your absence.

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12. Peeps - NASA's Solution To Dirty Glasses (Now Available To The Public)

If you wear any kind of glasses, you know what a hassle it is to keep them clean. Usually you just end up smudging them more, and never getting to enjoy crystal clean lenses. Finally there is a great solution that lets you easily keep your glasses smear and scratch free.

With over 2 Million sold, Peeps Carbon Technology is a must have gadget for everyone! Its revolutionary technology is used by NASA on the Space Station as well as by the Military. It uses molecular carbon technology to clean both sides of the glass at the same time, fitting the grooves of your lenses simultaneously.

Once you are done cleaning your glasses, it automatically recharges for the next cleaning. Each one can be used over 500 times, and cleans lenses 4 times faster than using a cloth.

Father's Day Sale: Visit the Peeps Homepage and Get Up To 50% Off

13. FIXD - Diagnose Car Problems With Your Smartphone

When was the last time you saw the "Check Engine" sign come on in your car?

Problem: Car issues. They are common, and unless you are a mechanic, it's almost impossible to know if you are getting ripped off!

Solution: FIXD

FIXD is a device that plugs into your car (any gas, diesel or hybrid car from 1996 onwards) and diagnoses your car problems. It tells you what the issue is, how severe it is, and how much it should cost. All in terms that you can understand.

FIXD is great for anyone who owns a car, preventing them from getting scammed.

Father's Day Sale: See How FIXD Works and Get Up To 33% Off

14. Kore 2.0 - Why Are So Many People Snapping Up This $59 Smartwatch?

This new smartwatch is taking over the US. But why is it so popular and selling out everywhere?

For years, tech companies have been ripping their customers off with insane prices on new watches. These product come to market with barely any new features and higher prices. But now, one tech startup is turning the $5 billion smartwatch market upside down.

It can measure your blood pressure, blood oxygen level (SpO2), heart rate, calculate your beats per minute (BPM). All in real-time.

The KoreTrak watch can help you keep track of your heart rate and other vitals. Get some peace of mind knowing that you can seek medical help before it's too late...

It can also count your steps, your calories, your fitness activity...

The best part? It's only $49. It's not available on Amazon or eBay. 

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15. Starscope Monocular - Better Than Top Selling Telescopes

If you ever use binoculars, you know how much you need them while hunting, watching wildlife, at a sporting event and many other outdoor activities.

The Star Scope is an affordable option that comes with a rugged build and limited lifetime warranty. It's small, lightweight and waterproof so you can take it anywhere.

See for miles with precision and depth to get a great view and amazing photos! It is actually a zoom lens for your smartphone, giving you a high quality zoom lens that will let you take great pictures that look professional.

Get super clear images, similar to professional level cameras, as the Star Scope is multi coated and made of high quality optical glass.

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16. Hootie Personal Safety Alarm - Protect Your Loved Ones Even If You're Not Around

1 in 3 women will become a victim of violence. That’s a scary statistic! This simple key chain could save the life of someone you love. It’s the Hootie personal safety alarm and it’s small but mighty! Pull the activation pin and it puts out an ear-splitting alarm and flashing strobe light that scares off attackers and thieves.

Even if you’re walking to your car in a dimly-lit parking lot, you’re never really alone. Hootie owners are calling this simple device their “invisible bodyguard.”

Give the gift of safety and make sure she is protected wherever she goes.

17. CareSoles Circa Knee - Relieve & Protect Your Knees From Discomfort and Pain

Are you or your family one of the 100 million people suffering from knee pain? This innovative compression knee sleeve is the affordable solution to preventing and reducing knee pain. Circa Knee protects your knees with proper shock absorption, joint support, and advanced stabilization technology to help you keep moving with as little pain as possible.

Visit The CareSole Circa Knee's Homepage To Get Up To 40% Off

18. Better Butter Spreader - The Knife That Everyone Needs In Their Kitchen Now

Better Butter Spreader is a GENIUS kitchen gadget that transforms chilled butter into smooth, silky butter in seconds! Its a 3-in-1 curler, slicer, & spreader.

The Better-Butter Spreader is a durable, stainless steel 8-inch butter knife that is designed with unique slotted technology that softens chilled butter into smooth, lacey strands— making it easy and enjoyable to spread cold butter on toast, soft bread, and English muffins, without ripping it to shreds!

Father's Day Deal: Visit Homepage To Get Up To 50% Off

19. (Currently Unavailable) Ring-Fit Phone - The Newest Ring Concept For 2022 (We Hope)

Problem: Have you seen it? No, and that's the problem.

Solution: The Ring-Fit Phone

The Nokia Fit Phone was supposed to be available for the 2021 Holiday season, but with the pandemic and current shortage issues, it is unlikely to be released until early 2022 at the earliest.

The phone is great though, with complete talk and text capacity and ergonomic design that keeps all function buttons accessible. It forms to fit fingers of all shapes and sizes, which is why they call it the “fit.” We will update release dates and product details as we receive them. Feel free to check back in for the latest.


20. Bondic - Fix Virtually Anything In Seconds

If you have something that is broken and can't be fixed, just try Bondic. It lets you re-attach broken eyeglasses, refill holes in leaky plumbing, and rebuild just about anything – even fine china.

You can build, bond, fix, and fill virtually ANYTHING with Bondic. Bondic is the perfect addition to your DIY toolkit.

Bondic is not glue. It's much better. Users simply apply it to the damaged item or area, shine Bondic's UV light on it for 4 seconds, and that's it. Bondic solidifies into a solid layer of clear plastic instantly. At that point, it is designed to last forever, so you should get a permanent fix.

It works on any surface and is the perfect gift for almost anyone, especially if they like to build or fix stuff by themselves. 

Currently there is a promotion, of up to 33% off some packages.

21. Tvidler - The Amazing, Pain-Free Way To Clean Out Ear Wax

The cotton swab design is over a century old and was meant for swabbing the outer ear only. NOT inside your ear!

But now, you can give yourself a deep, safe clean from home, in seconds thanks to the Tvidler.

Its soft silicon “corkscrews” tips are able to safely remove hard-to-reach inner ear wax. It’s as easy as brushing your teeth, actually… it’s even easier! The unique ‘corkscrew’ shape is perfect for loosening and removing the wax with ease, without causing you any discomfort.

Enjoy a pain-free, professional clean, in seconds. No need for an expensive, professional clean: maintain hygienic, clean ears from the comfort of your own bathroom!

Father's Day Sale: Get Up To 50% Off Your Order

22. Kitchen Cube - Measure All Your Ingredients With One Tool!

If you’re like most people, your kitchen cupboard is FILLED with random measuring cups and different sized spoons. This chaotic mess may seem normal… but when you see the Kitchen Cube, you’ll realize how much time you’re wasting on cleaning all those individual measuring tools (not to mention all the clutter it creates in your kitchen)! This little all-in-one measuring device saves drawer space, increases organization, and reduces clutter by combining 19 measurement tools in one compact design. It makes life in the kitchen so much cleaner and easier!

  • 19-in-1 measuring tool saves you time and effort while baking, cooking, and more
  • Easy to use – works like any other measuring tool you have in your kitchen drawer
  • Measure everything from teaspoons to cups. Everything is clearly labeled!
  • Small enough to fit in any drawer, yet large enough to handle any recipe
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe

Father's Day Sale: Visit The Kitchen Cube Homepage And Save Up To 50%

23. Tactical X Drone - Record All Of Your Adventures

The Tactical Drone is a tiny drone with an HD camera that lets you take breathtaking photos and videos. It's foldable, lightweight and easy to carry. For the first time, ordinary people can capture crazy selfies and shots that were previously only possible with professional equipment.

The drone has several settings that allow it to follow you, focus on you, or even fly around you. All this can even happen while you're on the move! If required, the drone can also be controlled manually.

Father's Day Sale: Visit The Tactical X Drone Homepage And Save Up To 50%

24. Blissy - Sleep On Silk For Better Sleep, Skin and Hair

There is nothing quite like the soft, smooth, luxurious feel of silk.

That's why we absolutely love the Blissy Pillow Case.

Recently featured in Glamour magazine, blissy pillow cases are incredible. The Mulberry Silk has natural cooling properties, oftentimes resulting in a cooler sleep, healthier hair, clearer skin and fewer allergies.

Models, stylists, dermatologists and beauty experts all swear by silk.

  • Silk has 43% less friction so your hair glides over the surface, without stripping it of its natural moisture, leaving it shinier and healthier
  • It doesn't draw moisture out of your skin (like cotton pillow cases)
  • Since it's naturally hypoallergenic, you wake up with clearer sinuses and eyes

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25. iMemories - Transfer Your Old VHS Tapes, Photos & Film To DVD & Digital

Problem: Boxes of old tapes, cassettes, films, photographs, slides and negatives

Solution: iMemories

iMemories is an incredible new way to preserve your priceless memories by digitizing them and saving them for years to come, no matter what format they are in! Memories can be shared with friends and family from computers, tablets, and mobile devices forever.

Even if the memories are old and damaged, iMemories can convert them to digital.

Father's Day Sale: Visit The iMemories Homepage And Save Up To 50% Off Your Kit

26. Laundry Masher - Genius Device Will Replace Your Laundry Detergent

Problem: Expensive Laundry Detergent

Solution: Laundry Masher

This useful new gadget contains hundreds of specially designed nano silver infused ceramic beads, which have been tested to be antimicrobial - killing bacteria and odors with every cycle. It is reusable and can be used approximately 200 times before being replaced.

You'll can save a staggering amount of money by not having to rely on department brand detergent. No need to use harmful chemicals, which can burn your skin or cause allergic reactions, and can also seep into your septic tank or the environment. Laundry Masher is safe for all.

Father's Day Sale: Visit The Laundry Masher Homepage And Save Up To 50%

27. Huusk - Perfectly Balance Samurai Knives

Blunt knives are a thing of the past. Huusk provides the most precise, thinnest, cleanest cuts you will ever see – an invaluable tool for your perfect meal.

All Huusk knives are extremely sharp. They are perfectly balanced, which makes it comfortable to hold the knives.

The blade is composed of high quality stainless steel ensuring a sharp, quality knife for the years to come.

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28. Multi Voltz - Super Fast Device Charger Is This Year's Best Father's Day Gift

Is it a struggle keeping your phone charged throughout the day? If you forget your charger, at some point during the day your phone is going to die and you will be off the grid. Sound familiar?

Many phones lose battery life quickly, so if you need to stay in the loop all day, you need to have a super powered charger to power your phone up faster and stronger. This is where Multi Voltz comes in.

Multi Voltz is a reliable smartphone charger designed to boost charging speed for 4 different devices at the same time. It features the latest QC 3.0 technology, which is 4 times faster than the regular quick-charge technology that most smartphone chargers use.

  • It takes just 35 minutes to charge from 0% to 75%
  • It won’t overheat or blow up your phone (It detects your device and delivers a maximum output of 3.1A)
  • It's fully compatible
  • You can take it anywhere

Read More About Multi Voltz And Get 50% Off Today

29. Clipper Pro - The High Quality, Easy Way To Cut Nails For Seniors, Kids And Anyone Who Wants Beautiful Nails!

Cheap drugstore nail clippers can be hard to use and especially painful.

If you have arthritis or pain in your hands or wrists. gripping the handle of a standard set of nail clippers can be quite painful. Even if your hands and wrists are pain free, you can cut yourself or end up with uneven, jagged nails, which can result in a hang nail or even an infection. Fortunately the company that developed Clipper Pro was founded by 3 Orthopedic Surgeons from San Diego, with the intent of making thick, ingrown or any other type of nail easy to cut.

Clipper Pro was designed for seniors and anyone else who has a hard time cutting their nails. Visit the Clipper Pro website here and get 50% Off.

30. Flip Fork - The Perfect Gift For The Grill Master In Your Life

Every great grill master knows the right BBQ tools can take you to the next level, which is why Flip Fork is quickly becoming a favorite of many of the top BBQ pros.

Flip Fork combines:

  • A Spatula
  • A Knife
  • A Meat Tenderizer
  • A Bottle Opener
  • A Fork

If you have someone that likes to cook, Flip Fork is the perfect gift. It's an all in one tool, it's sharp (stainless steel knife) and it has a lifetime warranty

Visit The Flip Fork Homepage To Get Up To 40% Off

31. Battery Vault - Throw Away Your Old Batteries Today

Problem: The battery drawer is a disorganized mess, and most of the batteries are probably dead.

Solution: Battery Vault

Why do you only ever discover your batteries are dead when you need it most? Flashlights, portable drills, TV remotes, children’s toys. There’s never a good time to need a battery, but does it always have to be such a struggle?

With Battery Vault, you’ll always be prepared. It holds 180 batteries - organized by size - with clear lids and separated compartments so you can find what you are looking for quick.

Read More About Battery Vault And Get 50% Off Today

32. Dodow – Help Anyone Fall Asleep in Less Than 10 Minutes (And Stay Asleep All Night)

Problem: Not being able to go to sleep

Solution: Dodow

This incredible new gadget combines yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy to block out overactive thought patterns and lulls you into a deep, peaceful sleep quickly.

It is so effective that many users report "falling asleep before the 8-minute mode ends”, and after a few months “not needing Dodow™ to fall asleep anymore”.

It's very peaceful and relaxing, and comes with a 100-Day guarantee in case it doesn't work out.

Father's Day Sale: Visit The Dodow Homepage To Read More And Get Up To 33% Off

33. Keyzmo - The Ultimate Compact Multi-Tool

Problem: Having the right tool for a quick fix when you are on the go

Solution: Keyzmo

This is an innovative 16-in-1 multi-tool that combines the essentials into one simple device. Made from 420 stainless steel, Keyzmo is sleek, portable, super convenient, and practically indestructible. Easily fits on your keychain.

Keyzmo's useful features:

  • 9 Screwdriver tips • 12 Closed wrenches
  • 1/4″ Bit driver • 1/4″ Open wrench
  • Serrated cutting edge • Scoring tip
  • Bottle opener • Box opener • Can opener
  • 2 Rulers • Protractor
  • Wire stripper • Wire bender
  • Bike spoke key • File (for wood, metal and plastic)

Father's Day Sale: Visit Keyzmo Homepage To Get up to 40% off